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    Default Best way to organise ......

    I'm new to Mezzmo just downloaded trial yesterday. After trying many other servers (Samsung PCSM, JR River, Serviio and others) I'm liking the speed and flexibility.

    One thing I'm trying to get to grips with is how best to organize Movies & TV Series. I want them separated so multi-movies are group and singles are not e.g.

    - LOTR Trilogy
    --- LOTR1
    --- LOTR2
    --- LOTR3
    - Avatar

    And for Series

    - Big Bang Theory
    --- Series 1
    ---- Episode 1

    I have done some minor searching of forum and the help file but didn't find anything. I assume its done via play-lists but appreciate some guidance on how this is best achieved.

    I'm streaming to Samsung Bluray (HT-C5500 & BD-C5500)

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    Found my answer over in AVSForums

    Basically I just deleted all the pre-created folders & playlists and added my own folders which were pre-structured the way I wanted them.

    Really impressed at how quickly this was to set up.

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    Glad you found the answer You can also manually create "normal" playlists and drag folders inside them to organize in a way that's different to your disk's folders.

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