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Thread: How can I download any flash video?

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    Default How can I download any flash video?

    HERE'S a Sight & Sound guide to Christmas gifts for the electronic age. The accent as usual is on home entertainment: we have tried to provide something for all tastes and price categories, from under $10 to more than $10,000. Under $100 An under-$40 stocking stuffer that should delight kids, spouse or partner: Philips AQ6521 AM/FM stereo radio cassette player, complete with headphones and dynamic bass boost for a thumpier sound-- all for just $39.95. Who said quality CDs are expensive? Not if you buy in bulk.

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    Polygram offers 10 five-disc gift-boxed classical sets for under $40 each. Among them: Herbert Von Karajan's reading of the nine Beethoven Symphonies; Neville Marriner and the Academy of Martin in the Fields' `Baroque Experience`; and for the patriotic-minded, two locally made sets from ABC Classics -- Encore! Best Loved Classics from the ABC Orchestras, and the stirring Symphony -- An ABC 60th Birthday Celebration. Great music and terrific value at an average $8 a disc. Sony's UX Turbo high-grade chrome audio tape is specifically designed for car stereo systems.

    The tapes are heat resistant to 115 degrees, have special ridges for non-slip grip and easy handling in the car, and a raised identification mark so safety-conscious drivers can distinguish side A from B without taking eyes from the road. Available in 60-, 90 and 100-min lengths, at recommended prices of $5.95-$6.95. The Trackmate CD Repair Kit ($29.95) performs miracles: it can excise bad scratches from compact discs, restoring music to once-unplayable discs. The kit contains special polishes, cleaning fluid and several grades of sandpaper; users must apply a modicum of elbow grease. Sight & Sound's' tests show the kit does what it promises: removes all but the heaviest of scratches and blemishes.

    The kit is stocked by most Tandy stores and many hi-fi specialists. Every bedroom and busy bathroom deserves a good clock radio. Philips AJ1310 carries echoes of yesteryear with its elliptical shape, though the large, bright LCD display is strictly contemporary and clearly visible from pillow level. The top-mounted speaker is guaranteed to compete with even the deepest-seated snore. Around $29.95 He's a poor farmer, she's the landlord's daughter. He's Tom Cruise, she's -- of course -- Nicole Kidman. Together they realise their dreams of land and love after many knockdowns in Far & Away, a video weepie Philips is packaging as a bonus with a bundle of two blank 180min high-grade video tapes.

    You get all three -- the two blanks and the weepie -- for just $24.95 at major retailers including Big W, Grace Bros, Chandlers, Target and K-Mart. As CD collections grow, it gets harder to find somewhere to store the pesky little things neatly. Try the new TriSelect 60 CD storage rack -- sensibly designed, solidly made and attractive, it holds 60 discs, costs just $60 and is Australian made. Sight & Sound found it at Audio One, Neutral Bay. $100-500 Get an earful with the sleek contemporary-look `Expression Line` headphones from Sennheiser, the company which makes the 'phones used by the pilots of more than 60 world airlines.

    Wide headbands in moulded plastic, single-sided cables, soft earpads, light weight and cunning ergonomic design makes these among the most comfortable on the market -- and the sound is pure hi-fi. Prices range from $139 for the HD320 to $219 for the flagship HD340. A symphony under the stars? A bit of rock and roll by the pool? Jamo's Danish-made Outdoor range of speakers bring the full glory of high- fidelity musical reproduction to garden, poolside or patio. Made from ABS moulded plastics, with polypropylene speaker cones, they're waterproof and impervious to damage by sunlight and other al fresco hazards.

    The Jamo Outdoors 1 sells for $399; the larger Outdoors 2 for $599. Both come in choice of black or white and with mounting brackets if you want to place them on a wall or under the eaves. No, it plays no music, shows no pictures. But Panasonic's Bread Bakery makes the grade for the Sight & Sound' Christmas list by being a wondrous electrical gadget that assaults several of the senses. Just throw in flour, water, yeast and switch on the timer before going to bed: the Bread Bakery mixes, kneads, rises and bakes while you sleep. You awake to the stirring aroma of freshly baked bread and the glorious sight of a crust baked to just the shade of gold you prefer.

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    All this for $379 -- bliss indeed. For music lovers who want to play CDs on the road: Sony's D-822K Car Discman comes packaged with all the necessary car accessories, including car battery cord with connectors to car speakers and cigarette lighter jack. Dual-damper suspension keeps the music playing smoothly even on bumpy roads. For night use, LCD illumination comes with a choice of green or amber to match car radio lighting. Price: $499. $500-1,000 Take hours of music anywhere with Sharp's portable `CD Jukebox`. Up to six CDs can be stacked into the multi-disc player, giving up to seven hours continuous music.

    Alternatively up to 32 tracks can be programmed to play in any order. The Jukebox also includes a double cassette recorder and four-band radio. Price: $529. Nokia's model 100 is a cellular portable phone designed especially for the first-time buyer and the security conscious consumer. In a crisis, a one-touch button automatically dials 000 or other emergency numbers. Two additional keys can be programmed to dial frequently used numbers including voice-mail systems and paging or answering services. The slender Nokia 100 fits easily into pocket or handbag and sells for around $900-950.

    Philips' `joggable` DCC130 Digital Compact Cassette player brings CD-quality digital sound to a tape cassette format. It will play your well-loved old analogue tape cassettes as well as the new digital tapes. Unlike portable disc players, the well-mannered tape mechanism rarely misses a beat, even if you're exercising or jogging. The DCC130 weighs just half a kilo with its rechargeable battery, and sells for $699. Added bonus until the end of December: a free `starter set` of six pre- recorded DCC tapes. Over $1,000 You've got the whole world in your hand with Sharp's portable `Designer TV`. Small enough to slip into a jacket pocket or handbag, the Designer TV works anywhere, indoors or out.
    It's compatible with most major TV and video formats in use around the world, including the PAL system used in Australia and most of Europe and the NTSC system used in the US and Japan. Automatic tuning finds local stations wherever you are; the 10cm LCD screen is remarkably sharp with excellent skin tones. Price: $1,599. For something close to the ultimate in large-screen TV viewing, try Philips' Australian designed 68cm Matchline TV, winner of the 1993 Sound & Image award for the colour TV of the year. The judges justly hailed its brilliant picture quality, and called the illuminated controls mounted on top of the set `a stroke of genius`.

    Five-speaker stereo sound is another plus for home cinema fanatics. Price: around $2,195. Outdoors types will always know just where they stand, or sit for that matter, with Panasonic's brilliant little handheld GPS (global positioning system) device. Originally designed for the US military, GPS systems home in on satellites to tell the user their latitude, longitude and altitude, to within 100 metres. The Panasonic GPS, one of the smallest available in Australia, sells for $1,589, and would make an invaluable gift for yachties, bushwalkers and four-wheel-drive enthusiasts. Sharp claims its ViewCam is one of the most extraordinary electronics products ever developed. Only palm-sized, it does three jobs: it's an easy-to-use point-and-shoot video camera, a VCR, and -- with an optional TV tuner pack -- a portable colour television set. In place of the tiny black and white viewfinder found in most video camcorders, the ViewCam sports a 7.6cm or 10cm colour screen: just the right size for personal viewing.
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    In VCR mode, holiday travellers can keep the kids amused for hours watching pre-recorded tapes in the back of the car. Prices start at $2,200 for the 7.3cm model, $2,600 for the 10cm version. Win the heart of the really serious music lover with a pair of Shahinian Hawks: high-fidelity loudspeakers with breathtakingly realistic musical reproduction and timbre you can feel. Just make sure you have the asking price: a cool $14,500 a pair. Other Shahinians start at $2,400. Sharp's award-winning D10 portable MiniDisc (MD) player may be the snazziest new electronic gizmo of the year. About the size of a deck of cards, it sits easily in a palmtop and plays the tiny new 74-min digital MDs which many are tipping to replace tape cassettes. Major functions can be operated by a remote control fitted to the earphone cable. Sound quality is close to CD, but the player is much, much smaller and more convenient.
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    Can you please tell us more about the problem that occurs when using the conversion software?

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