Just moved from Mac to Windows and am on the trial version, will be purchasing it during next week as it does everything I want

I do have a couple of queries, hope someone can help

As I have just moved from a Mac my external drive is not compatible with Windows, so I am copying some of the files over to the new PC (unfortunately I don't have the space to copy everything)
When I get a new external drive, how do I copy my files so that I keep the ratings/play counts for the movies, if I just move them in explorer will Mezzmo think they are new files and re add them or recognise they have moved location? (saw a help document on moving database but don't think this is the same)

I have lots of daily TV shows on my Mac, so was trying to just use shared folders to access this data (until I get the new drive above)
I have shared the folder on the Mac and added the folder in Mezzmo, all the files appear and look perfect (all avi files) in the desktop app.
However when I try to play them on my Samsung BD-E6100 I get a message that the file format is not supported on my TV
The files are fine, if I copy them locally they work fine, if I transcode them they work fine
Am I expected to much here, with data moving between 2 computers and then to the TV?
This is only a minor inconvenience as I can easily force transcode everything new, but wondering if the above should work