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Thread: Streaming Bluray audio issues.

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    Ronnie Sandoval

    What age are you currently where are you currently from?

    I will be 20 in October and I am from San Pedro, California.

    How does one describe San Pedro to somebody who has never had the experience?

    Let us say if you're walking lower the road and someone is chasing you, don't think back. Run! It is a awesome place but it is additionally a rough area. Some shit can invariably go lower here.

    Will you remain in San Pedro?

    For the time being, yes. My buddies are attempting to get me to maneuver to LA and that i stated, "Fuck that." No disrespect to anybody or any skateboarders who live there but it is not my style. Basically would move I'd proceed to North Park although not twenty minutes off to LA.

    When have you first get brought to skateboarding?

    After I was 6 years of age my buddy stole a skateboard having a stripper onto it. My stepdad Mike put new griptape onto it making it just like a brand-new board.

    This is a rad summary of skateboarding: a stolen board with stripper graphics.

    Yeah, I had been just ass boarding lower the front yard onto it. My stepdad were built with a homie named Jeremy who could skate and that he began teaching me how you can ride, began learning ollies etc.

    That which was the very first skatepark you visited?

    It would need to be Funnel Street. It simply were built with a volcano along with a little quarterpipe that was the very first factor I ever dropped in on.

    Which means you accustomed to skate there a great deal?

    Initially, no. I did not have anybody to consider me there and so i was skating street. Then afterwards I visited if this was more finished and that i saw Robbie Russo skating round the bowls and stated to myself, "That is what I wish to do."

    Then you definitely were switched right into a local?

    Yeah, returned the following day and also got delivered there every single day next. Every single day!

    Who had been your crew?

    I would need to say Robbie Russo, Oscar Navarro, Mooch, Ceaser, John Lopez, Brandon Myers, Yamo, Andy Harris, Big Take advantage of and lots of others.

    Which means you accustomed to see Daewon skating lower there?

    Yeah, this is where I met him.

    Who had been the first sponsor?

    Transitions skate shop was initially. Then Daewon began hooking me track of Almost boards.

    What went down with this?

    I had been getting, like, one Antihero board once in some time in Robbie's box. I Then was up skating the Chili Bowl contest and skated very good, getting a great time. That night, Mic-E Reyes struck me as much as ride for Krooked. I needed to ask Robbie what Krooked was. Ha! After Robbie explained it had been a board company from Luxurious, I hit Mic-E back and stated, "Hell yeah!"

    What have you tell Daewon?

    I told him I would ride for Krooked and that he was totally awesome by using it. He explained to complete whatever I figured was perfect for me.

    I'm grateful to Daewon for hooking me up, though!

    Just how lengthy are you currently riding for Krooked?

    Since I Have was 14 years of age.

    When have you really reach meet Mark Gonzales?

    I did not meet him until Sebo's pro party. I acquired a couple of faxes from him, though. I had been, like, "I wish to meet this person.Inch

    What did the fax say?

    It had been a drawing of the gangster pumpkin having a gun.

    Do you've still got it?

    No, it's up a Luxurious. I must have it from Jim the next time I am available online for. They held about it and tried on the extender to have an ad. Thank you for reminding me. I must have that.

    Who've you frolicked most abundant in around the team?

    Most likely Sebo and Bobby. Bobby may be the man!

    How about Drehobl?

    Dan is tight. The very first time I met him was on my small first Krooked trip. I had been skating an 8.75-inch Antihero board at that time and that he stated, "AH board, huh? Maybe Krooked should cause you to one," and skated away. We simply remained at his house for that weekend. His ramp is rad and that he is fun to spend time with.

    What got you sparked on motorcycles?

    I usually loved them, the seem of these and finding out how to play with them. I loved watching the videos with Max Schaaf and Jason Jessee riding them.

    Is that this the first bike?

    No, it's really my third one. First Harley, though. I am renovating a 1971 Ironhead at this time, learning when i go. I wish to learn some trades for lower the street.

    Have you finish Senior High School?

    No, I dropped in eleventh grade. I had been beginning to take journeys and that i did not wish to miss that chance. They would not allow me to take much time off work and so i just said excitedly to kick me out.

    You going to return and obtain your GED?

    Without a doubt. I wish to have that after which visit a trade school and discover to weld. I wish to have something to select from after skateboarding. I'd rather not be considered a dumbass after i grow older. My girlfriend is really a welder, so I will visit the school she visited.

    You ride around with Bobby?

    He's a place near by in Lengthy Beach. I wish to but he's always traveling somewhere.

    He's a bicycle around the New England and something around the West Coast.

    I bet he is doing. All he is doing is buy bike parts and pay attention to Morgan Freeman.

    You are still riding dirty, though, no license? Skateboard strapped lying on your back cruising lower the freeway?

    Riding dirty is the only method! It's my job to ride my bike after i be aware of traffic will probably be bad. I do not sleep too proficient at night and so i just jump on my bike and ride around everywhere.

    Fuck the traffic. Splitting lanes will get you there faster. Have you got a seat lying on your back for the lady?

    No,. I do not. She's they are driving around within the vehicle.

    So when you are on to start dating ?, you know her to satisfy you there within the vehicle?

    Ha! Yeah, I will go ahead and take sissy bar off and set a seat on eventually.

    What are the youthful kids approaching from Pedro you have been realizing? Passing the torch, to say?

    Little Ray is among the rippers approaching. Obviously Ron Fabro. This other white-colored kid named Sean who street skates is fairly gnarly.

    Where has skateboarding taken you, travel-wise?

    My first Thrasher trip, Mike Phelps known as me up to visit Nigeria. Which was amazing: Raven, Raney, Patlanta, P-Stone, you, Grant, Cory Kennedy. Among the best journeys I've been on. And also the funny factor is, Mike only went to Frankfurt, Germany. He did not have sufficient pages in the passport. Could not accept is as true.

    Yeah, he missed a high quality one lower there!

    Yeah, he did. If only he earned it. However I know he wound up going there on the Skate Rock trip, though.

    Where else are you currently outdoors the united states?

    Australia was awesome. A lot concrete. Not to mention Norway. Individuals two are my personal favorite places to date.

    You have been traveling for that Vans Park Series all year long.

    Yeah, individuals are enjoyable contests. Big ups to Vans for getting them. I recieve to visit and skate the competition with many different my buddies, then skate other parks and all around the metropolitan areas we're in.

    What is the status of Funnel Street skatepark?

    At this time it's closed because of bridge work. They need to take examples of the park's concrete to make certain it's sturdy enough to become there. If it's, they'll open it up support soon. Otherwise, we must repair it.

    I understand they built a brand new skatepark for everyone, Peck Park. Do you consider it had been a plan b to maybe eliminate Funnel Street?

    They attempted to children us but we elevated money to help keep our skatepark. Additionally, it demonstrated the number of people thought about fighting to help keep it. Andy Harris, Big Take advantage of and Yamo did a great deal for that park through the years but all of the more youthful kids have to step-up and fight which help to ensure that it stays. We simply take some guidance in the older guys.

    Everyone need to defend your skatepark. This is where everyone learned how you can skate.

    Yeah, when they take our park away we'll destroy the brand new park. No disrespect to who built it, but Funnel Street is really a skateboarding landmark. People originate from around the globe to skate it.

    Would you skate Peck Park a great deal?

    Yeah, its awesome. Just nothing can beat or can replace Funnel Street, though.

    Observed you been getting lots of tattoos recently. I figured your mother did not want you to obtain any.

    Yeah, you blew the Krooked tattoo I acquired in Nigeria within the mag once i said to not place it within the article.

    Ha, this is exactly why I place it within the article.

    My buddy saw playboy after i is at Japan and demonstrated my mother. I acquired home and she or he immediately desired to view it. I figured I had been in danger and she or he requested whether it hurt. She really loved it.

    See, I helped make new friends so it's not necessary to hide your tattoos any longer. Now it's on, right?

    Yeah, there's a tale behind my tattoos from traveling and buddies.

    Heard you're into consuming wine nowadays?

    Yeah, I love wine since the ladies such as the wine, but I am not concerned about the women. I am not into consuming beer or hard liquor. I acquired into some trouble consuming beer a couple of years back and recognized I do not require it. But wines are awesome. It keeps me happy and mellow.

    What's next for you personally? Any talk of turning pro?

    I am unsure. It's completely as much as them. I'd be stoked sooner or later to show pro for an organization that I wish to ride for throughout my existence. Mark, Krooked, everyone up at Luxurious is simply all love. It might be an achievement not only having your name on the board. My mother and more youthful brother could be stoked. Maybe it might get him into skateboarding.

    It has happened to eventually without a doubt. Then you just need to keep it up!

    I'll always remember what Mike Phelps explained on a holiday, "There's virtually no time for chilling. You can either wake up and obtain some or else you sit lower watching.Inch Assuming it takes place I'll have to go even harder!

    What is the arrange for 2017?

    Keep skating and progressing, focusing on motorcycles, remaining alive, hanging with my chick and going with the homies.
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    Can you please tell us the device you are streaming to and the Device Profile selected for it in 'Media Devices' in Mezzmo? The Device Profile should trigger the file to be transcoded if the audio is not supported.

    Mezzmo Android: Install it on your tablet, smartphone, Android TV or Amazon Fire to browse and stream files from your Mezzmo library to all your devices. Full details at
    Mezzmo for Kodi Add-on: Install it into Kodi to stream files from your Mezzmo library directly in Kodi. Full details at
    Mezzmo for Roku App: Install it onto your Roku to stream files from your Mezzmo library. Full details at
    Wiki: User Guides & Reference Manual at

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