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Thread: SiliconDust HomeRun Integration

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    Default SiliconDust HomeRun Integration

    I've been playing a bit with the SiliconDust Homerun Connect device and Mezzmo. Leveraging the newer Mezmo URL capture feature I can directly map all channels the HomeRun unit sees to individual Mezzmo entries. This works great for Live OTA viewing. The quality is MPEG2 with 5.1 audio and either 720P or 1080P support. For DVR support I am running their DVR software on my Windows 10 Mezzmo server and then having the recorded MPEG2 files dropped into a folder which Mezzmo scans every 15 minutes and adds to the library.

    What would be nice is if Mezzmo could have the DVR record feature with the scheduler similar to Plex. This would allow a seamless integration with the HomeRun devices. It would also be nice if Mezzmo could auto discover the Home Run DLNA devices and associated channels for streaming vs. manually adding the live URL streams. The Homerun devices do the standard DLNA broadcasts. Windows Media Player can discover them. This might open up an area where Mezzmo can become a "DLNA aggregator" as more devices and software leverage DLNA.

    Another thought for the DVR scheduler and channel guide is that I am running this all using the Mezzmo Kodi add-on. So there is a HomeRun add-on for Kodi which has access to the guide / Live Viewing and a separate Kodi add-on which has a DVR scheduler. One thought might be to either leverage code from them to add the functionality to the Mezzmo add-on or call them from within the Kodi add-on vs. bouncing between 3 add-ons for the functionality. Since I do a direct URL capture and leverage the HomeRun Windows DVR software I don't use the other 2 Kodi add-ons because I didn't want to bounce between 3 for the functionality.
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    All nice ideas. We'll investigate this further. If we do implementation in this area, we'll certainly contact you directly for Beta testing.

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