I am having two issues. One i cannot figure out why the transcoding keeps stuttering my movie. I have tried transcoding on a P4 3.2GHZ Hyperthread computer with 3GB ram and another Intel Quad Core 2.5GHZ with 4 GB ram and they both stutter during playback.

So for my short term resolve, i usually pause the movie for a half hour and most times it will play. I check the file on the server and it continues to download the movie. But if i try to skip or if i pause the movie to many times, i will get an error saying this movie cannot be played. When i play the movie again, it starts stuttering right away. Sure enough when you check the server, the original movie it transcoded earlier was deleted and it started transcoding all over again.

Is this common or am i doing something wrong. I have a Sony Bravia TV.