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Thread: Have Your Say: What is the the #1 feature you want for the next version of Mezzmo?

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    Maybe this will be a simple one. In the Android app I think it would be useful to have a clock in the top line (say in the top-right corner), so when we finish watching a program we can see what time it is before we start another. Perhaps it could be toggled in the settings for those who don't like the idea.
    Marty Davey.

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    Sounds like a nice idea for TV devices where it is not possible to swipe from the top to display the system clock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wurlitzer View Post
    I'm new here and just exploring all the features of Mezzmo. What I would like to see is support for ebook formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, FB2, CHM, HTML, TXT and comic books (CBR, CBZ).
    Sound like you want to use Calibre.

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