I remember a couple of years back when I was messing with a RaspPi Model B and Kodi that it made the art load much faster if I reduced poster size to 400x600 and I was wondering if there were any other tips or tricks that I could set in my library or on Mezzmo to speed up library display. Specifically for the FireTV and FireTV Sticks, both Gen 2.

My library is set up to only display playlists, most of them are Active Playlists. When I browse to a category it usually takes a minute or two for all of the titles and their respective thumbnails to load; I often have to sit and wait if the item I want to view is at the end of the list.

For Example, I have an Active Playlist for TV Shows. There are 119 different shows. When I pull it up using the Mezzmo App the first page will populate with the titles and then the thumbnails will follow in about 5 seconds. If I scroll to the right too quickly, I get the "Loading...." and green <working> arrows on the thumbnails and then the titles show up after about another 5-8 seconds, followed by the thumbnails a few seconds later. Let's say that it is sorted alphabetically and I want to watch an episode of the X-Files (at the end). I can scroll all the way to the end and watch the screen full of "Loading..." and the green <working> arrow but since everything populates in order, it might take more than a minute just to get the titles to load.... and then the thumbnails.

It seems that the pages for apps like NetFlix and Amazon Prime load much more quickly as I browse the content than does Mezzmo. The FanArt, especially, seems to be slow as molasses and there is some pretty good latency where I can switch to a different program or show and the FanArt from the previously viewed entry is still on the background and stays that way for a considerable amount of time.

Is this due to my thumbail art being too large? Many are 400x600 and none are greater than 1000x1500. I have also compressed them down so that nothing is more than 150kb and most are 100kb or less.