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Thread: Cannot limit access of folders anymore

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    Angry Cannot limit access of folders anymore

    Hello, with prior version, you could right click any folder in the library and there was an option for limiting accesses per folder, per device. That option is now gone from the right click menu with version

    Urgent for me as I have little kids at home and lots of horror or violent movies that they can now access from their devices!!!! EVERY device has access to EVERY folder!! had to delete lots of stuff :-(

    EDIT : I do NOT want to use content rating. I want to limit access of folders per device like I used to do.

    I found the actual information on the Mezzmo Wiki:

    To set folder or playlist sharing permissions, right-click on a folder or playlist in Mezzmo and click Playlist Sharing Permissions to display the Playlist Sharing Permissions dialog. This dialog will let you choose the devices or users that you wish to allow or deny access.

    It is the Playlist Sharing Permissions that is now missing from the right-click menu :0)
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