Since upgrading to the new version of DLS, I've found that that it won't default to the DLS Monitor window once the add job dialog has been completed.

I'd pretty much given up on it after several restarts and checks of settings, but I've also had a couple of instances of downloads being run more than once that I thought might be related to my use of a clipboard manager program. So I switched off the DLS Clipboard Monitoring function and used right-click then add job on the notification area icon and, after I'd completed the add job dialog, the download started in the monitor window as it always did before the new version came along.

Possibly a tiny bug, then.

(Windows 10, 64-bit, DLS

Incidentally, in case anyone cares, I switched away from Firefox for the sake of my older addons and have found that DLS will reasonably successfully integrate into Waterfox as long as you tell DLS that Firefox is installed at <your path to waterfox>\waterfox.exe

I imagine a similar trick will work with Pale Moon but I haven't tried it yet.