Hello, so i am checking out mezzmo's features, the main thing that led me to this app was the "DVD iso" support as i have all my movies and tv shows ripped to my HD as iso images.
The movie part is fantastic, have no problems with it my only question is how do i get the TV episodes correctly sorted and named in my mezzmo library?
Specifically they are all multi-episode discs, i had them named in the standard XBMC/plex format ie TVSHOWNAME_S01_E01_E02.ISO
so for example my pile looks like this:
Sons of Anarchy/

I've been messing around with "tiny media manager" trying to make the .nfo files but i don't know how to tell it where ep 1 ends and ep 2 starts in a multi-episode file, also it's showing like 5 episodes all named "pilot" for first disc
please help as i will gladly purchase Mezzmo if this sort of thing is possible.