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Thread: DVD .ISOs and MetaData

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    Default DVD .ISOs and MetaData

    I have a media changer and so I can batch-rip DVDs to .ISO files. Very convenient. Sharing the folder with the .ISO files on my LAN lets PCs play the .ISOs directly using VLC.

    On smart TVs of various kinds, and Android devices, however, there is no way to directly play an .ISO so I use Mezzmo media server.

    Many of my .ISOs are TV series multi-disc sets, or film collections with multiple titles

    Mezzmo doesn't seem able to dig the metadata out of the .ISO to give proper title, series, etc etc information

    Is there some setting in Mezzmo, a plug-in, or maybe some app I could run outside against these .ISO files that would "pre-digest" them and provide Mezzmo with the metadata for my library?

    ALSO: is there some way for Mezzmo to "play" an .ISO file like a dvd, with menu etc, instead of just finding the files inside the .ISO and trying to play them as individual content? (which doesn't always work...)

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    By default, Mezzmo will automatically collect metadata for your movies, TV shows, etc. This is dependent on Mezzmo know the name of the movie or TV show. You can either name the file (or folder) correctly or provide an external metadata file alongside the ISO to tell Mezzmo the name of the movie or TV show. See this wiki topic for supported naming styles -

    When Mezzmo finds your ISOs on disk, it will parse each ISO and find all the video titles within the ISO and add them into your Mezzmo library. It does not use the ISO's menu. Playing the ISO's video titles should work fine. So if you have an example ISO that does not work, then please let us know and we'll check out what's going wrong.

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