Hi Peter
As you know, I have been using since we last spoke and things are much better. However, I had a scenario just now which means that we haven't completely solved the problem. DS had about 50 files in its list with just one in a state of connecting. Because it was minimised to the tray icon, when I logged off the computer, it prompted me to say that a download was in progress with the check box to Auto-resume the download. I cancelled this dialog to stop the shutdown of DS. Then in DS, I stopped the single download that was still connecting and then specifically closed the application. I then logged off the computer and back on again only to find that DS no-longer had the 50 or so files in the list but had one single failed download of about 4 days ago which was not actually valid anymore.
This suggests to me that for some reason, it still isn't persisting the list of downloads when the app is closing.
Many thanks