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    OK, I need to add more to this...

    I use MakeMKV to rip stuff. When I elect to add subtitles (other than forced only) when the movie plays, the subtitles will tend to start by default, and I have to stop them through the clients UI. BUT, on the Roku, using the Mezzmo app, I get the following issues:

    1) If I disable transcoding, the video will not play
    2) If I enable transcoding only (leaving the subtitles options unchecked, the video plays but is being transcoded unnecessarily (and this is strictly related to subs, because I tested with video that passes muster on the audio issues mentioned above)
    3) If I enable transcoding, and check the box "Stream external subtitles", the video still transcodes, does not display subtitles, and I cannot turn them on in the app.
    4) If I enable "Burn subtitles into video files", the video transcodes, the subtitles are burned in, and there is no way to turn them off in the app.

    In tests with Plex (which I absolutely HATE and isn't even close to Mezzmo) this is not the experience. Plex allows for subtitles to be optional, has them off by default regardless of whether or not the subtitles are "somehow" forced to on by default by the way MakeMKV rips stuff. Since most of what Plex does is under the covers, I'm sort of assuming that it does the same thing Mezzmo does, and based on the choppy video it offers, it is transcoding, but not burning the subtitles in, but rather forcing them off by default, and streaming them when needed (you can turn them on and off on the fly - I can't imagine that if Plex was burning them in that one could do this).

    I'm stumped. None of this behavior happens in Kodi. I'd really like these little streaming sticks to work consistently and work well with Mezzmo, so anything that can be done to beat this up and get it to play smoothly would be awesome.

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