I am looking to setup an media server for the first time. I currently have 2 x TV, 1 x BluRay Player, 1 x Chromecast.
I have found Mezzmo online & am wanting to confirm it will serve my needs, however I suspect the features I'm after will require me to purchase Mezzmo Pro.
I have ~60 Movies on DVD/BluRay, which I can only play on one of my TV's as only one TV has a player. I am intending ripping the movies to my PC and using a Media Server to cast them to either my BluRay Player or Chromecast using the Mezzmo Android App on my phone.
However I'd prefer to have all the original movie menu options available (i.e. scene select, special features, language select, ...). I've attempted to look through the FAQs & Forums as well as YouTube videos, but I haven't found a clear answer. I see the Pro version can play iso files, but every thread I've followed it appears upon selecting the movie Mezzmo will automatically stream the movie & bypass the menu screen.

Can you please confirm whether Mezzmo has the ability to display the movie menu & then stream the option selected?