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Thread: Mezzmo 5.0.3 : music files often with "*"

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    For a long time, I refused to get a cell phone. I hated those men who tie golf courses by talking at full volume into a secretaryor a stockbroker when it is their turn to hit, and I hated the idea of losing my ability to inform folks, Sorry, for the next fourhours I'm going to be utterly impossible to reach. One of the great things about playing with golf is that it takes up virtuallyyour whole mind and prevents you from thinking about the things that keeps you awake at night time. A ringing mobile phone breaksthat spell--and not just for the phone's owner, but also for everybody within earshot.
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    Now, due to the Internet, you can handle it all quickly, softly and privately-and you get in trouble only for the rounds youactually play, not for the rounds you're unsuccessful in setting up. The only guys in my circle that are problematic are Nick,whose wife, Mary Anne, handles the e-mail for both of them, and Gene, who doesn't possess a computer. But luckily, Mary Anne likeshaving Nick out of the home, and Gene always receives the word finally--usually via phone from Nick. This past year I played around with a man who had just purchased a fancy laser range finder. It did not really seem all that useful to him : As is truewith most people, his main distance problem wasn't his uncertainty about his yardage but his uncertainty about whether he wasgoing to shirt his next shot or strike two inches behind it. Nevertheless, the moment I got home that day I went online andordered one for myself.
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    Can you please tell us what device you are streaming to and the device profile that is selected for the device in 'Media Devices' in Mezzmo?

    Mezzmo Android: Install it on your tablet, smartphone, Android TV or Amazon Fire to browse and stream files from your Mezzmo library to all your devices. Full details at
    Mezzmo for Kodi Add-on: Install it into Kodi to stream files from your Mezzmo library directly in Kodi. Full details at
    Mezzmo for Roku App: Install it onto your Roku to stream files from your Mezzmo library. Full details at
    Wiki: User Guides & Reference Manual at

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