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Thread: Blue screen of death and a reset

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    Default Blue screen of death and a reset

    Need advice. Friday, Dec 18th, I had the Windows blue screen error come up on computer. After a reboot, I have noticed now that when I go into Mezzmo from the server computer, it is like a fresh install of Mezzmo. My library is empty. My files show zero movies/pics,etc. However, oddly I can go into the app I use to view the server (8player) on both iphone and ipad and I see everything as it was before the error screen. I can watch movies and view pics from the server.

    How do I correct what is viewed in Mezzmo on the server computer? Will I have to go in mezzmo and load the files again?. I tried "maintain library" but nothing updated into the program itself.

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    Mezzmo creates a database per user so if you login to the computer using a different user account you will see an empty Mezzmo library, possibly this is happening. If you have multiple logins for the computer you can try logging in using a different account to see if this has the Mezzmo library with all the files and artwork.

    It is also possible that your Mezzmo database is missing the Library item, you can restore this using sqlite. you can download a tool called SQLiteSpy and then open the Mezzmo.db in the tool and copy and paste the sql below into the text area in the top right and press f9 to run the following sql to add the Library Playlist:

    INSERT INTO "MGOPlaylist" VALUES(0,'Library',16,'Your collection of music files, video files and photos',-1,0,0,':1:',NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,0,NULL,0,0,NULL,NU LL,NULL,0,NULL,1,1,0,1,'',NULL,NULL,0);

    If the Music, Video or Photos playlist is also missing you can run the following sql:

    INSERT INTO "MGOPlaylist" VALUES(3,'Music',16,'Playlist for all your music files and music playlists',0,8,61,':4:',NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,0,NULL ,0,0,NULL,NULL,NULL,1,NULL,2,1,0,1,'',NULL,NULL,0) ;

    INSERT INTO "MGOPlaylist" VALUES(15,'Video',16,'Playlist for all your videos and video playlists',0,10,62,':12:',NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,0,NU LL,0,0,NULL,NULL,NULL,2,NULL,14,1,0,1,'',NULL,NULL ,0);

    INSERT INTO "MGOPlaylist" VALUES(30,'Photos',16,'Playlist for all your photos and photo slideshows',0,9,63,':20:',NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,0,NU LL,0,0,NULL,NULL,NULL,3,NULL,20,1,0,1,'',NULL,NULL ,0);

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