I just built a new computer and I cannot get web access to work while my TorGuard VPN is on. I have a static IP address with my cable company and have always pointed to this address, whether VPN was on or not. I never used my VPN IP address when connected. Since building the new computer, web access will only work if I turn off the VPN. I've also tried changing the IP address (URL) to point to the local and remote IP's my VPN has when it connects and I can't get through to the server. I've tried turning off my Windows firewall and that didn't work.

When I go to Media Server Settings, under Broadcast to these networks, it has my local lan IP and the local ip listed for the VPN (both checked). If I go into a user in web access, I've copied the URL for outside my home (remote IP of the VPN) and it doesn't go through.

Anyone have any ideas. This did work on my old computer.

Thank you for your assistance.