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Thread: Very Slow Library Maintainence

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    Default Very Slow Library Maintainence

    I recently changed operating systems and installed Mezzmo and performed library maintenance. It worked quickly getting all my files but left out 90% of my poster photos. I found a solution for that on this forum and set up maintain library settings for my needs. It started and showed many files processing and showed 8% was complete. Then it seemed to stall. I thought it froze but I could see the number of files being processed increase. It's been 24 hours running solo and it gained 2 percentage points with more files processing.

    What I have done:
    1. Cancel that user task and tried again. It still gets to about 8% and then slows way down.
    2. I have verified with tools which drives where all my picture files were located.
    3. Verified metadata was available, all video properties were complete using "get online video metadata", the only thing left out were the poster photos.

    What else can I try or should I just let it run.


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    do you have the option to update video preview thumbnails checked? This can be quite slow as it needs to generate screenshots from the video file, unchecking this can speed up the maintenance significantly.

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    Peter where is this setting?

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    It is in the middle of the Maintain Files tab on the right side when you launch the Maintain Library. There are two sets of options in the middle of this tab. This option is the bottom right in the section titled Choose attributes to update.

    Here's a screen shot.

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    Cool. That's where I was. Thx

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    Depending upon the size of your files and the horsepower of your Mezzmo server disabling this can make a huge time difference.

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    It also helps if you lock the metadata (the little lock icon at the top right of a media file properties page). Subsequent indexes will happen faster, because Mezzmo will ignore files with locked properties during maintenance.

    Also, if you ever need to rebuild your server, use a media manager to download posters and fanart and metadata and store it locally. Mezzmo stores all of its metadata in the Mezzmo database - it does not download images and/or create metadata files in the media folders.

    My process is to disable metadata provider scraping in Mezzmo (ONLY get local stuff), and disable "Update video preview thumbnails". Use Tiny Media Manager ( to get all the metadata for the videos and store it locally in the video folder(s).

    Set up Mezzmo to only "scrape" local metadata, and index. Indexing should happen very fast (~20 minutes for ~1500 videos) using this method, dependent upon hardware, especially IOPS.

    Once you've validated the metadata is correct and what you expect, lock the files you've indexed!

    Then, if you ever need to rebuild the media server, you've already scraped and stored the metadata locally - so the only step you need to perform is to index the content, and lock the files.

    I end up rebuilding every couple of years or so, with a hardware refresh, or to increase/improve storage capability.

    You can also back up your Mezzmo database and restore the Mezzmo database after a rebuild. HOWEVER, all the paths on the file system have to remain the same, or you're back to a big indexing operation again.


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