Good Afternoon

I stumbled across Mezzmo Server whilst trying to find a music server that will work with a Roku with gapless playback. It was going to build a Raspberry Pi and plug into my AV receiver via HDMI but would rather not have to have too many devices on the go.

I use Plex for my other media ie movies and TV but Plex doesn't support gapless playback on a network with any file format. I listen to a lot of Jarre/Oldfield and gapless is a must. They also seem very reluctant to implement it despite repeated requests and reading their forums it is a big issue.. Not Mezzmo's problem but for me it stops me from paying for Plex.

So I have installed Mezzmo and got it to work on my Roku's and have setup a couple of gapless playback files and it works brilliantly. However I don't like the user interface. Is there an addon available that will let me change the skin perhaps.