I've been using Mezzmo for some time now, and it always worked nicely.
However, yesterday I created a smart playlist for my music files, similar to the party shuffle list, but excluding some genres of music, and not sorted by title, but random shuffle. I also increased the amount of files to 1200.

This list did not work, and in fact, it crashed the Mezzmo gui every time I tried to open it. I deleted the list, and recreated it. It worked then in the GUI again without crashing the application. I could see all the music that was selected by the smart filter.

However, when I go to one of my DLNA devices (I tried on a Denon AVR, Dune HD, Media Connect on my ipad, and even on my LG smart TV - all with the same result), I can see the list, but when I select it, nothing shows up. In other words, no music files are listed.
When I take a look at the Mezzmo server, I can see that it is using CPU, from the moment I try to open the list on the media device.

I then tried to remove the DB, and have it recreated by deleting all the files in the user profile. After the best part of an hour, where mezzmo catalogs my music, I recreate the smart list. However, the problem remains the same.
Then, I decided to remove and reinstall the application including the database. After recreating the db, and recreating the smart list, I tested again, but, same issue...

I'm running the latest version on a windows 8 Hyper-v guest with 6GB RAM and 4 CPU's assigned.

Please advise what I can do now...