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    I'm an old Mezzmo user. Been using it for a few years now. Love it.

    However, I was using an older version and as I liked the way it worked I didn't upgrade it. I re-imaged my machine today and downloaded a new version, registered it and went about loading everything up.

    All seemed to go ok. That was, until I went to find my media...

    What the hell has it done to all the title information??? It's applied a load of metadata all over the place, re-categorised everything now I can't find a thing!!

    My media was classified into folders and subfolders. Now everything seems to be all over the place. Stuff that was neatly filed away into a folder (for instance I have a folder full of MotoGP races) is now all over the place in the filing system based on what the file is called!! This is a complete mess.

    Can I return it back to my folder classifications as before? At least then I'll be able find stuff where I know it exists. I have files now that cannot be found at all. This new catalog system is really horrible. I guess it works when it has content that it knows about or media that can be recognised over the internet - but what if you have custom stuff? It seems to just stick it anywhere it likes and then shove it in a folder that doesn't mean anything at all.

    So, one question.... am I being an idiot here? Have I missed something?

    and.. can I get the filing back to what I had before and dispense with this mess? Maybe it's a simple setting?

    If anyone can help me with this I'd be grateful.


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    try adding the root folder of your media from 'Add To Library...' and this will show your media in the folders. You can set the titles to be displayed as the filename using display titles

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