I am evaluating Mezzmo, hoping that I may be able to replace my Toshiba StoreTV multimedia drive, which does not display subtitles properly. (It can display them, but can't handle two consecutive chars with accents, like "ηγ", for example - they become garbage, which is a major annoyance.)

I've set up a folder with a few AVI files and their matching *.srt files. It appears that subtitles don't work at all - I can't see them when I stream from Mezzmo using Windows Media Player, on my Xbox360, or on my new Philips Series 5000 TV set. I get the video and sound just fine, but no subtitles. I can see them perfectly when I open the files locally with Media Player Classic or Windows Media Player, as I have the VobSub DirectShow filter installed, and in both they load as expected.

First question: What must be done so I can see the subtitles on the TV or on the Xbox (which I could then see on the TV)? Is it possible to reencode the AVI on the fly, loading the VobSub filter and embed the subtitles in the picture that is being sent to those devices?

Second question: I made the "mistake" of importing my iTunes library when I set up Mezzmo on my computer. Now everytime I start the program, it chokes. By this I mean that the program becomes unresponsive at startup, freezing at the splash screen, showing "Complete." in the status line and staying like this for 250 seconds, before the interface is finally shown. I have a Core2 Duo 3 GHz, and this looks way too slow for my taste. I don't want to wait for more than 4 minutes until the software is loaded.

Third question: I have several playlists in iTunes. When I access these in my Xbox or on the TV, the tracks are shown (and played back) in alphabetical order, not in the actual order of the album or playlist in iTunes. Is there a way to play the tracks in their correct order on the devices?

Thanks in advance for your input!