Hi, I have been following the forum and wanted to know the current version of the Roku App. My TV and stick are on 1.4. I have read that there is a 1.6 beta where things have been getting fixed - and I have similar issues. What happened to 1.5?

Anyway, is it possible to get on the beta version?

I would like to request that button press sound feedback be muted while playing a video. Hearing the loud sound when pressing pause/resume is very annoying. I don't mind the sounds during navigation, but please either add an option for no sound, or just remove sounds from transport controls. The Roku Media Player does not have sound feedback for pause/resume.

Also, on my TCL Roku TV I am having an issue where the playback time bar is off with the time left at 0:00 way before the video is done. The Roku Media Player has the same problem. When it happens, I can press fast forward and be instantly brought back to the video start screen like the video has completed. I have not noticed this happening on the stick.

Thank you for your help!