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    The Networked Car
    Wireless Bluetooth technology to convert cars into mobile networked multimedia devicesIf you have ever heard the term "car infotainment" and wondered what it meant, picture yourself on a long drive, stuck in endless traffic, or in search of directions in a strange city, and suddenly the need for both information and entertainment becomes obvious. We already employ basic forms of car infotainment -- most cars have radios, and most people keep maps on hand -- but advancements in technology have given rise to more sophisticated systems. Today, satellite-based navigation systems can help motorists avoid traffic by processing data in real time and by calculating alternative routes in seconds, and best car speakers for sound quality, best car speakers in the world*systems based on digital technology can produce crystal-clear sound that equals studio quality.In the future, motorists will find themselves using portable computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices to communicate with each other and the Internet without wires, and while they are actually driving -- safely. In essence, network connectivity continues to increase throughout the car to now include multimedia devices. This article gives developers an inside look at Siemens VDO multimedia systems for the car, currently installed in Alfa Romeo, BMW, Lancya Lybra, Land Rover, Opel (GM), Peugeot, Porsche, and Renault cars, and the steps the company is taking to plan for new and exciting features made possible by the latest wireless technologies based on Bluetooth[TM] specifications.

    Today's Automotive Multimedia SystemsHigh-end automotive multimedia systems typically include components that act as fully functioning tuners and CD players, as well as in-car navigation systems. For audio, digital data transmission produces astonishingly high sound quality. Navigation systems provide automatic route planning and directional guidance in the form of acoustic and visual signals, eliminating the need for paper maps. A traffic message channel (TMC) ensures that the system's radio searches for stations that broadcast ongoing traffic information. The system can then help motorists avoid traffic jams by recommending alternate routes. Some infotainment systems offer visual elements for the car, including high-performance TV tuners and screens that enable mobile TV reception. Back-seat "drivers" can connect entertainment elements such as video-game consoles, video recorders, or DVD players for additional in-car entertainment.The emerging field of vehicle-based information systems is called telematics, which encompasses four technologies: the automobile, computing, wireless communications, and the Global Positioning System (GPS). Several car manufacturers already offer factory-installed telematics systems that offer emergency assistance, navigational aids, and access to personalized communications, like concierge services or voice-synthesis stock quotations.The most significant developments in car infotainment will enable motorists to use their mobile phones, portable computers, and other electronic devices to communicate with each other via the Internet. This capability is made possible by a combination of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, increased data transmission rates for mobile devices, and the wireless application protocol (WAP), which means more Internet content can be translated into Wireless Markup Language (WML) for display on mobile phones and devices. In the future, mobile services such as music download, multimedia messaging, interactive games, and mobile commerce (i.e., ordering and paying for purchases via the mobile phone); location-based services, such as hotel-finder; and mobile office applications, such as video conferencing, will become commonplace activities while traveling.
    RELATED ARTICLE: Best car speakers for bass, best car speakers under 100Wireless Communication in the CarIn order to facilitate communication between the various devices in a car, audio, video, graphics, and other data streams have to be transmitted using high bandwidth. Today, data transmission rates are 9.6 - 14.4 kbits per second but they are expected to soar up to 100 kbits per second with 2.5 generation wireless technologies such as General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), which would provide enough bandwidth to enable compelling mobile services. A quantum leap in mobile data transmission is expected to take place by 2003 with the introduction of the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) data standard, which will provide sufficient speed to enable multimedia services with complex color graphics.The rapidly evolving technology for mobile services while traveling is WAP, the de facto standard for data communication developed by a forum of several hundreds of companies. New capability negotiation schemes will make the output of Internet messages acceptable for the small displays of cellular mobile telephones and for the larger information system displays used in the car, making mobile content easier to develop, manage, and most of all, easier to use.Bluetooth wireless technology is perhaps the most important breakthrough needed to facilitate wireless connectivity among devices in a car. Bluetooth is an inexpensive wireless interface between computers, mobile telephones, and other portable devices, and as such, it also is suitable for many automotive applications. It is essentially a low-cost, low-power radio interface for personal area networks (PANs) that transmit digital data in asynchronous links and voice signals in real time. Bluetooth is fast, enables seamless device discovery, and eliminates the line-of-sight problem inherent in Infrared wireless technology on the market today. Bluetooth will accommodate distances of up to 30 feet or with additional power amplifying even 300 feet between peripherals.Bluetooth also allows devices to become a node on a network of up to seven other devices in a so-called "piconet." As such, Bluetooth enables PANs, with multiple connections to devices throughout the car and beyond.The Bluetooth Car Profile

    The Bluetooth special-interest group (SIG) sponsors the technology, and includes leading telecommunications and computer companies such as Wind River. They have defined the Bluetooth specification, a de facto standard containing the information required to ensure that diverse devices supporting the Bluetooth wireless technology can communicate with each other worldwide. The document is divided into two parts -- Volume 1, Core; and Volume 2, Profiles.The Core section specifies components such as the radio, baseband, link manager, service discovery protocol, transport layer, and interoperability with different communication protocols. The Profiles section specifies the protocols and procedures required for different types of Bluetooth applications with the intent to promote out-of-the-box interoperability between devices from different manufacturers. Of particular interest is the Bluetooth Car Profile because it sets a standard for the automotive industry. It includes the following features:
    SEE ALSO: Best car speakers in the world, car speaker reviewsHands-free and Phone Access -- This feature enables the operation of a mobile phone in conjunction with a hands-free device (installed in the car), with Bluetooth as a wireless means for both remote control of the mobile phone by the hands-free device and voice connections between the mobile phone and the hands-free device. It also enables the ability to access a phonebook database, transfer phone status and short message service (SMS) indication.Remote Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Access -- This feature is used to personalize the car and its devices. It allows access to a SIM card via a Bluetooth link and it enables car phones to use SIM subscription data.
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    can you please tell us more information about the error?

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