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    Hi again,

    after some more tests on mezzmo in connection with my sony nx 715, I'm a bit disappointed. Maybe i had not found the correct configuration.

    My problems are:
    Fast foward method
    I can't use a fast foward method (or rewind). Only a method like skip (1x, 2x, 3x), but this is really unwieldy, also sometimes nothing happens if i press an rewind button. I like the methods of other dlna server, where i can use fast foward like on the pc. See the play bar - go to 40 min a view the rest of a file. I've tested with files in transconding, with files wich were fully transcoded before and so on.

    Position rembering
    Maybe this is a tv problem. Sometimes i start a video, i would like to jump to a position where i left a video. This far I succeed only sometimes.

    Language Selection
    Another major problem is that i can't select a auto language. So in normal, mezzmo take the first language file in containers i think. I have to use muxxing the files an remove other languages to hear the audio i want.

    Sorry but managing fast foward and language selection the way i actually have to is a huge problem. So i consider, to connect my pc and tv by hdmi and trigger the files manually on my desktop.

    Is there no upcoming solution with mezzmo?


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    Please send in a message to support (at) conceiva (dot) com and we'll send an updated device profile to try. Position remembering is up to the device, so if it supports that, it'll ask Mezzmo to start playing from a certain point.

    Audio selection will be fixed in the next major Mezzmo update.

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