So I recently bought an Amazon Fire Stick, got the VLC media player on it just to stream via DLNA/ UPnP and it worked pretty ok...

I had to tweak a few things on my server like the server advertisement interval from 300 to 60 secs due VLC waiting for the advertisement everytime I try to use DLNA/UPnP
The other thing I had to do is to select the VLC profile and update/tweak it using the ignoresoaplimit flag inside the name element because I have this folder filled with movies, lets say about 400 of them and everytime I tried to browse that folder I was able to see only about 40 / 30 movies in it.

I tryed browsing directly from a browser and it was showing every single movie in it so I decided to test the textlimit option and everytime I used a smaller value I was able to see more and more movies in that folder.
Browsing other profiles I found that the flag I needed was ignoresoaplimit and I wanted to share this with everyone out there because it was frustrating.

Anyhow, the start of the profile has to look something like this:

		<name manufacturer="Android" model="To VLC" profileactive="1" needsdlnaprotocolinfo="1" ignoresoaplimit="1" needstimebasedseek="1" extended="0" forceconnectionclose="0" needsfileextension="1" maxfilesize="17179869184" />