The time to load the playlist in the Mezzmo UI, and in devices, HOWEVER, if on Roku devices, where I had previously received guidance from you folks to change something in the .prf to make playlists render faster (sorry it's been a while I don't recall exactly what possibly supportsunplayedcount?) it seems to render very fast. But I want to stress that even in the Mezzmo UI it takes very long to render, and the scroll bar can hang and I get the "Not Responding" for a couple of minutes.

That would be splendid. I hope I'm being clear on my request. Just to make sure, the nickel explanation is to create a list of all movies, but within that list, if the movie is a part of a collection, it shows a "folder" that contains the collection of movies, but if a movie is not a part of a collection, it just shows the movie.