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    Top 5 Android game for kids

    This article will give you some ideas for Android games which are totally free and safe for children to play. Curious? Let’s check it out!
    Android games - reliable, fun and safe

    Nowadays, with the development of technology, many parents are afraid that their children will be negatively influenced by smartphones, tablet or television.
    In order to avoid this situation, some of them do not allow children to access technology when they are little boys or girls. But, in fact, when parents are busy with their work, they still let their children use this high-tech stuff.

    And the thing they are worried about is whether their children are so fond of tablets or smartphones so that they can play violent games, which aren’t suitable for children's ages and can affect the development of the kids.

    Understanding this problem, many game companies are creating many types of games “just learning and playing”. Some of them are functioned to play multiplayer, help children to entertain with their friends, as well as develop their ability quickly.

    The most enjoyable aspect is that they are all free Android games which can be downloaded easily to your Android smartphones just in a minute, and play offline without internet access (or you can check for the apk downloaded games, they are all on the top game apk for years).
    And you won’t have to worry about their kids playing games anymore.

    Take a look now to see!

    Kid Coloring, Kid Paint

    Kid Coloring, Kid Paint for Android is an application that can help children to color the painting.

    It will be an interesting gadget that parents can give their children, help them play well and improve their coloring ability!

    Kid coloring - Kid paint, via

    This application consists of 2 forms for drawing. Kids can choose to draw with their fingers or touch the colors to fill the gaps.

    There are 80 cute pictures to color within the app. In addition, it also has a white background for children to paint freely as they want! With many cute and attractive pet designs, it will absolutely attract your kids.

    It is a clever way to boost up your children’s creativity and imagination.

    This gadget is used on mobile devices and tablets as well and it is available in English and French. Moreover, a special function of this game is that you can send the results of your children’s drawings to everyone.

    This free game for Android is highly recommended for kids from 3-7 years old.

    If you are interested in Android games, have a look at

    My Talking Tom 2

    Talking Tom Cat 2 Free for Android is the second offline version of Talking Tom- a popular game developed by Outfit7 games.

    This company has a lot of games which are very friendly and interesting for kids. And everyone is absolutely familiar with the game series created by this company. In this game, the adventures of Tom will be recreated.

    Your kids can have a relaxing time with this game.

    My Talking Tom 2, via Super Parent

    Kids will join the whole new adventure of Tom. But this time, Tom will be moved to a new and nicer house.

    Thus, the adventure will become more interesting.

    This game for Android - “My Talking Tom 2” - is 100% free in the game store and guaranteed to brings your children to a world full of fun and jokes. They can control Tom and the way it reacts to the touches, the parodies or everything the kids to him, with a very humorous voice.

    In this new version, kids can look after Tom by using medicines in the cabinet when he is sick. Besides that, there is a load of mini-games for your children to choose when they are bored with playing with Tom, from puzzle games to action games.

    Especially, the online mode of the game allows the multiplayer practice, where many children to play at the same time. So, kids may have more fun when they play with their friends or even their parents.

    It is one of the best Android game (on both regular form and apk game form) for kids in different age groups.

    Endless Alphabet

    Endless Alphabet is an educational offline game which is developed to teach kids vocabularies by using the alphabet.

    The child drags the correct letter into a word.

    If it is correct to place, the letter will make the sound.

    They also can choose the word to build. The words are in alphabetical order, children can flip through or choose the beginning letter. After kids build the word, there is a short animation along with audio describing the meaning of the word.

    Learning with adorable monsters, via

    Parents can absolutely feel secure about their children when playing this app because there are many cute and colorful monsters teaching kids the alphabet as well as new vocabularies.

    Moreover, the application helps kids to learn at their own speed, without any pressure. The game is suitable for kids aged under 8 years old.

    You can find it in the Android game store or search and download for the latest version (2.3.0) of its apk game on the internet.

    Math Kids - Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn

    Math Kids is another good choice for an educational offline Android game created for children to learn mathematics and numbers.

    It includes several mini-games which preschoolers or toddlers might like playing. With the adorable character and attractive graphics, children will be willing to spend their time doing Math.

    Math is no longer a nightmare to kids.

    And their exams will no longer be a nightmare to you, we promise!

    Parents will be happy when their kids are interested in learning Math and their skills are absolutely improved.

    Learning and playing with numbers, via

    The app helps kids to learn how to identify numbers and practice with counting, subtraction, and addition.

    Actually, this is a form of learning while playing to help children recall knowledge and they will always want to learn math with this application.

    By using puzzles, which is very familiar with kids, Math Kids features a number of teaching forms: counting, compare, adding a quiz, adding puzzle, subtracting fun,…

    It is one of the best educational Android games and it is suitable for kids aged under 8 years old.

    And you can find more Android apps like this by clicking Google Play and Android APK downloader site - free apk games & apps

    Toca Kitchen 2

    Who says the food must be beautiful and delicious?

    At Toca Kitchen 2 for Android, you (or your kids) can cook in the way you want.

    Make tomato juice, boil salads or make dairy shakes. It is absolutely okay!

    Players will create recipes of their own and treat customers with these special meals.

    In this cooking game, your kids can use any kind of ingredients available in the fridge, from vegetables, fish or meat, and creatively create whatever they want.

    Sound like a mess? No, it is a brilliant way to encourage children to think out of the box!

    Cooking in the way you want, via Toca Boca

    Yes, it is not simply a cooking offline game you have ever seen, Toca Kitchen 2 for Android is created to stimulate the development and creativity of children.

    Children can enjoy playing and creating new dishes without stamping on the form.

    Parents here is the end of the article

    The last thing we desperately want to tell you is that, please don’t let the game babysit your children. After all, it is your job.

    So, organize your works and spend 1 or 2 hours playing with your kids. Playing with a parent is the best, for all kids, we guarantee!

    However, if you are too busy, let’s these interesting Android mobile games help you!

    They cost less and you can easily find them on the Android game store. It is also on the top list of apk games on the internet and some of them have the multiplayer mode. Just spend a few minutes to search and download them as nice treats for your little one in break times.

    Finally, you can click here to discover more and more Android apps Apk download
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    Try downloading using a different browser on your computer, if you are using chrome try using firefox.

    Mezzmo Android: Install it on your tablet, smartphone, Android TV or Amazon Fire to browse and stream files from your Mezzmo library to all your devices. Full details at
    Mezzmo for Kodi Add-on: Install it into Kodi to stream files from your Mezzmo library directly in Kodi. Full details at
    Mezzmo for Roku App: Install it onto your Roku to stream files from your Mezzmo library. Full details at
    Wiki: User Guides & Reference Manual at

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    I've just downloaded it, probably it is a problem on your side. I'am using opera, which works fine.

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