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Thread: Conceiva Mezzmo UPNP Media Server & Sonos

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    Default Conceiva Mezzmo UPNP Media Server & Sonos

    For sometime now I have been using Conceiva's DLNA/UPnP Mezzmo server software for Windows PC, which has built in hardware/software profiles for transcoding media files to different hardware/software devices. Some profiles are specially created for particular Audio products and TV brands/models etc. to ensure optimum playback and menu display. The software particularly works well with my Sony TV and Apple TV.

    Conceiva has recently released version 5 of the Mezzmo software and I have noticed that they now have a new profile called 'Sonos Connect'. Looking at their forum, my understanding is the latest version 5, will now work as a 'Windows Media Server' proxy ...and broadcast to Sonos as a server, but their forum states that the new profile is for Android 'Controller' devices. However I don't currently use android myself.
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    I can now see a link to my Mezzmo media server(s) in both my iOS Controller app and also my Windows PC controller app (when I have Windows Media Servers activated in the Sonos settings) ... But on selecting the link in my controller, it says 'unable to browse music’. This may of course be a 'deliberate' feature .. I'm not sure?

    I have two questions ... Is it correct that there is a Conceiva/Sonos collaboration? ...and are there any plans to include their server 'proxy' connection to the other types of controllers such as the iOS Sonos app?

    I have posted a question about the recent Conceiva/Sonos link on their forum, but have not received any response at the moment.

    I was always of the belief that if one type of Sonos controller had access to a Windows media server (proxy, or otherwise), then they should work for every type of Sonos controller?... unless of course the Conceiva 'Sonos Connect' profile doesn't work correctly at the moment and has teething issues?

    However, because I do not have an android device to hand, it means I am unable to establish if this new feature, really is just for android devices... or that the v5 Conceiva software is simply not working at the moment.

    I guess this is a bit of a 'shot in the dark'... but, If anyone else here uses Conceiva's Mezzmo software and has an android Sonos controller, can they please let me know if they have access to their local DLNA/UPnP server.

    Shouldn't all Windows Media Server DLNA/UPnP proxy software work for every type of Sonos controller?
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    you should be able to stream music from your Mezzmo server to any Sonos device that supports media servers, assign the Sonos profile to the device you are using as a controller then when it browses the Mezzmo server it will get the correct file types and should be able to play files to the sonos. There is currently no direct collaboration between sonos and Mezzmo, the profile has been created with the help of Mezzmo users who have sonos devices.

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