I seem to not be able to get subtitles working with my Chromecast. I have a Matroska (MKV) file with many languages available, in Mezzmo I can see under properties just English is ticked. In the android add I can see all the languages as well and I have unticked all but English.

The server options setting under subtitles I have ticks against stream embedded and burn subtitles (I do not have any external).

On my media devices options my Chromecast Gen 2 (using Chromecast Ultra profile - fixed a separate problem) is set to transcode incompatible files, but under subtitles "Stream embedded" is greyed out with "(not available by preferences)" . For the love of god I cannot see any "Preferences" options. Also the option to Burn subtitles is also ticked, ticking and unticking all the options never gives me the option to stream embedded.

Under preferred subtitle language it says English, as it also does under Burn subtitles for these languages

There are no settings under the last two options.

I have played the same video on my tablet with Kodi (mezzmo plugin) and subtitles work just fine (no transcoding needed).

I checked the android app settings, under subtitles "Show subtitles if available" is ticked

Under Chromecast Subtitle Settings it takes me to the android Accessibility settings, to which the only thing I could see to do it turn on Samsung and Google subtitles (CC) under the Hearing section, which I have also done.

Still no subtitles.

Any help once again would be greatly appreciated.