before i send this router back, i thought i might just check to see if anyone else has seen similar to me.

the Netgear D7000v2 router seems very good overall, however i cant get my devices on the LAN to see Mezzmo when this router is in place. All my devices are cable connected and the main unit is a Samsung C series TV.

If i change the Mezzmo advertising period to a low value, the TV will eventually report a media server online, but without that the TV will never find Mezzmo. It then drops off after a while.

All other routers work ok.

I think when the TV boots, it sends a broadcast out to look for DLNA hosts. this is being blocked by the router for some reason.

I have gone through every setting on the router and nothing looks out of place. I have installed older firmware on the router, all no success.

it's a common router, does anyone use the Netgear D7000v2? i think the non DSL modem version is the R7000