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Thread: Windows 2016 x64 Server & Mezzmo Database Woahs Continue

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    Default Windows 2016 x64 Server & Mezzmo Database Woahs Continue

    My Mezzmo server runs on a Windows 2016 x64 Server.

    Every time Windows Updates are applied Mezzmo loses its database and has to be rebuilt.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Mezzmo, but the behavior is repeated after any Windows Update, except for Defender definitions.

    Is there some logging or something I could turn on to try and figure out what the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on?


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    it could be that the restarting of the computer when Windows updates are applied is causing Mezzmo to shutdown without properly closing the database which results in corruption, is your Mezzmo database stored in the default location on your main internal hard drive or have you moved it to a custom location? If you have moved it try changing it back to the default location which is usually c:\users\<username>\appdata\local\Conceiva\Mezzmo (where <username> is your username). You can also try making sure to stop the Mezzmo server and exit Mezzmo before applying updates.

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    Does the database get corrupt after every reboot or only after you apply updates then reboot?

    Do you have Mezzmo Server configured to run as a console application or windows service?

    I'm running Mezzmo Pro on Windows Server 2016 Datacenter x64 and have not had any issues when installing updates, which I apply monthly-when released.

    I also moved my database to a custom location a few months ago after I noticed it was 5+ GB and have installed updates since, most recent was 5 days ago, without causing any issues to my DB.

    As far as what Paul mentions about stopping Mezzmo before applying updates, I personally have not done that before rebooting, but I have my Mezzmo Server configured as a Windows Service and set to start at Windows startup, I also don't leave the Mezzmo GUI\Console (mezzmo.exe) running when I'm not using it. Therefore, I'm thinking that maybe because I don't leave the GUI running and have it running as a windows service, which ServerOS stops before restart, that the DB is closing gracefully since there are no connections to it just prior to rebooting.

    If you want to compare your installed roles/features to what I am running, my server is configured as such:

    ServerOS Installed with GUI
    Its attached to Domain
    Running 3 VMs, up to 5 if necessary
    Mezzmo Pro software was installed when logged in under the local Administrator account
    Library\Playlist changes using Mezzmo are generally done when logged in under the local administrator account, but have I made changes when logged in with a domain user account and have not noticed any issues (if there were any they were so minor I didn't notice).
    MezzmoMediaServer service is configured to run under local System account with "et service interact with desktop" NOT checked.

    Installed Roles and Role features:

    File and Storage Services
    \File and iSCSI Services
    \File and iSCSI Services\File Server
    \File and iSCSI Services\File Server Resource Manager
    \File and iSCSI Services\Server for NFS
    \Storage Services


    Remote Desktop Services
    \Remote Desktop Session Host
    \Remote Desktop Virtualization Host

    Web Server (IIS)
    \Management Tools
    \Management Tools\IIS Management Console
    \Web Server
    \Web Server\Application Development
    \Web Server\Application Development\.NET Extensibility 4.6
    \Web Server\Application Development\ASP
    \Web Server\Application Development\ASP.NET 4.6
    \Web Server\Application Development\ISAPI Extensions
    \Web Server\Application Development\ISAPI Filters
    \Web Server\Common HTTP Features
    \Web Server\Common HTTP Features\Default Document
    \Web Server\Common HTTP Features\Directory Browsing
    \Web Server\Common HTTP Features\HTTP Errors
    \Web Server\Common HTTP Features\HTTP Redirection
    \Web Server\Common HTTP Features\Static Content
    \Web Server\Health and Diagnostics
    \Web Server\Health and Diagnostics\HTTP Logging
    \Web Server\Performance
    \Web Server\Performance\Dynamic Content Compression
    \Web Server\Performance\Static Content Compression
    \Web Server\Security
    \Web Server\Security\Basic Authentication
    \Web Server\Security\Request Filtering
    \Web Server\Security\URL Authorization
    \Web Server\Security\Windows Authentication

    Installed Features:

    .NET Framework 3.5 Features
    BitLocker Drive Encryption
    Client for NFS
    Enhanced Storage
    Media Foundation
    Multipath I/O
    Remote Server Administration Tools
    SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support
    SMB Bandwidth Limit
    Windows Defender Features
    Windows PowerShell
    Windows Server Backup
    WoW64 Support

    Let me know if you need any other info or screenshots of how my Mezzmo is configured.


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