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Thread: can a folder have a 'display name' in mezzmo using something like folder.xml?

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    Default can a folder have a 'display name' in mezzmo using something like folder.xml?


    I was wondering if there is a way to have folders display a name that includes characters that can not be used in explorer?

    I am looking to have Mezzmo display series folders including characters that are considered illegal in windows, similar to the way Mezzmo uses series.xml.

    he reason I am asking is because after MANY hours, I have the artwork finally displaying the way I want but only on the folders/subfolders whose names exactly mimic the folders in explorer, however, id like the series names to be correctly displayed on the folder so I don't need to use an active playlist to display the series names with :,? or ending in . , since the artwork does not always display correctly.

    I use TMM to generate NFO and artwork then use scripts to copy the selected season poster to "series\season #\<episode>.jpg" so the posters for every episode are exactly what I want, I then copy the season#-poster to the matching season#\folder.jpg and poster.jpg, which displays 100% correctly when I view the Folder playlist, however, the active playlist doesn't.

    I have been trying to figure out exactly how active playlists pull their season folder(which I think I have figured out) and series folder artwork (which seems to be random, one series displays the season3 poster as the series poster rather then poster.jpg which is right in the root of each series folder.

    I was hoping that Mezzmo was programmed to support something like a folder.xml that when placed in the root of a series whose name contains illegal characters (for example, 'CSI: Miami' cannot contain : in windows) that Mezzmo would read the xml and display that name in the folder structure.


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    Hi Shawn,
    currently Mezzmo displays the folder name exactly as it appears in Windows and there is no way to override this with a folder.xml. We will consider adding this for a future version and also to improve the way active playlists get their artwork.

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