Hi Peter & Paul,
Using Mezzmo Android as a controller for my Mezzmo PC server, there is a "Folders" option when I browse through "Music". Using "folders", I can browse to my music library, with folders for artists and subfolders for albums, and select the album(s) I want to stream to my receiver. I don't need to remember the album name, just the artist, to find the music I want.

However, if I switch Mezzmo Android to the local server, there is no "Folders" option under music. In the root level of Media browse, their is a "Filesystem" option that allows me to browse to folders on my phone's SD card. Selecting a folder as a playlist this way, however, plays not only the music files in an album's folder but also the album artwork. Well, my receiver doesn't know what to do with the artwork jpg files and the music stops.

The music folders on my phone and PC are identical. So, both contain artwork. Yet, the PC server does not play the artwork while the Android server does. Is there a way for the Android local server to behave like the PC server and play a local music album/folder as a playlist without also including the album's artwork?