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Thread: Want to set up a media server - best option?

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    Default Want to set up a media server - best option?

    As the title says, I am interested in using my Rpi2 to set up a LAN media server. My intent is to only use this at home, no streaming outside of the LAN. Basically my husband and I are moving so he can take a new job (near his parents) with slow/limited internet access (so no Netflix/Amazon), and our DVD library will be packed away, hence why I want to do this.

    From my research it looks like Plex would be my best option? We have iOS devices (iPhones, iPads), a Roku smart TV, windows pcs, and MacOS computers we will be using to access the server, and Plex looks like the best option for the environment so far (any better alternatives?). Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire

    Here are my big unanswered questions:

    since the MP4 files are stored on an external HD, will the latency affect playback quality over wifi? Is it better to just store everything on a large microSD card alongside the OS image? -Is Plex the best software environment for what I am trying to do? -With any solution I choose, will it be just installing software on top of Raspian or do I need to install a custom OS image on my Rpi? -Is the Rpi2 even capable of doing this, or do I need to use a beefier Rpi3?

    Thanks guys!
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