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Thread: Suggestions for media player

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    As an FYI, the Kodi folks have put together a pretty good thread on selecting streaming media players. It goes into far more detail than I did but hits along the same lines about what you are trying to play and the features needed. It can be found at: Warning, it is a bit of reading but it is pretty thorough.

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    As several folks have commented on the Shield .. i also got this unit about 4 years ago i havent looked back. Pricier yes. Quality is out of the ball park. "The bitterness of poor quality far outlasts the sweetness of a good price" is my motto.

    Recently i've integrated it to Google Home and its added even more value with its ability to be controlled and play music commands ... i'm still hopeful that mezzmo, which i love and recommend often, will integrate with Google Home .. even if its only the "Search" command that would be great.

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