What I'd like to have is another reset option.

Reset to remove all tumbnails, files, movies, music, etc..

but NOT to reset my actual library setup.

I have a lot of libraries, smart lists, playlist, etc..

and sometimes things get screwed up. I wrote you an email about sometimes for instance changing a filter setting not sticking..

I know when I reset everything I can get further and redo it to make it stick.

But it's just a lot of work & I can't always remember all the playlist filters and settings.

So IDEAL would be a reset option to get rid of ALL the data without getting rid of all my playlist and filter settings.

IN FACT, I'd prefer it if you could move this information out of the db file into an XML so we could manually fix things
if something goes wrong.

Because honestly, this is the only bug-glitch I still have after years of Mezzmo that sometimes I have to do everything from scratch
and I just let it run overnight on my tens of thousands of movies, series, etc..

But that I have to redo these while smart lists, playlists, etc without the option to just have an xml to look into
to "fix" if something needs to be fixed manually or RESET without doing all the playlists and filters..

I really miss that option

NO, not criticizing Mezzmo! I love it, best media server out there.

And I can live with glitches. Just think the
1) option to reset movies-photos-music ONLY and not the actual playlist and filters would be highly appreciated
2) exposing / reading these playlist & filter settings to and from XML would be highly appreciated