I am reading up on what the padlock icon does in the media properties here - http://www.mezzmo.com/wiki/doku.php?id=properties#lock

2019-06-10 20_33_16-Window.jpg <-- screenshot

It mentions that when an item is locked, it is not updated during any maintenance, weather it be a right click maintain playlist, or a maintain library operation.

I am wondering what happens if the file with the padlock 'locked' can no longer be found in its hard drive location when a maintain playlist is run, and the box "Remove media files from your Mezzmo library that cannot be found on your computer" is checked, does it remove the item from the database? Or does the padlock mean that this file will not be removed unless manually removed?

I am hoping it is the former, this file cannot be found, there is no need for it to be 'preserved'.

I hope that makes sense?

Can you please clarify.