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Thread: IIS and SSL with MEzzmo

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    Question IIS and SSL with MEzzmo

    Hello I would like to use SSL with Mezzmo,

    Unfortunately, I do not know how to set it up. I'm using Windows Server 2016.

    For the certificates I use Lets Encrypt.

    I'd be happy for help.

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    Anyone here @Peter?

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    To setup https access to your Mezzmo server you will need to download the nginx server to use as a reverse proxy You can download a sample config file from, you will need to change the server_name and set the ip address of your Mezzmo server in the config file then copy it to the nginx conf folder to overwrite the existing file. You will need to provide your own certificates for https so you can create these from let's encrypt Once you have your certificates installed in nginx start nginx by running 'start nginx.exe' from the command line in Windows. Then you can go to your domain using https and access your Mezzmo server.

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