Hi there,

I must have been using Mezzmo for about 5 years, and I still haven't solved this! I have just installed a new operating system, followed by Mezzmo.

My long-standing library is in, let's say, d:\Mezzmo Library. How do I tell Mezzmo that it's there, simply?

By "simply" I mean "without copying it from its current location to another, and then repeating the process by copying it back to d:\Mezzmo Library? I go into >Tools >Options and specify the location. But it always asks me if I want to move it. If I say "yes" I have to go through a 30 minutes process. If I say "no" it just stays pointing at the default location.

There must be a way to tell Mezzmo "My library is already at d:\Mezzmo Library".

Where do I specify this, please?

Thanks for any help!