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Thread: Grundig 65GOS9799 OLED-TV 65" videos partialy stutter und on all screensaver starts

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    Default Grundig 65GOS9799 OLED-TV 65" videos partialy stutter und on all screensaver starts

    Hello Mezzmo Users,

    I have a problem but dont really know where the bug is located exactly, if its either caused by Mezzmo on software side or by the Device on Hardware side.
    Taking both last mentioned possibilitys into consideration, I both create this post to get suggestions for changing my system on software side and try maybe different settings or whatever advice you can give me that at least seems hopefully at all to solve the problem.
    Also I started a support request to the producer Grundig, explaining him exact the same problem as described here also as other details of my hardware setup of my media devices or other information imported to him like firmware version and similar stuff.
    Last step that is in progress right now is to upload the files that can be the bugs simulated with by producer in his environment.
    So this post is combined my huge impatiance with the last bit of hope to solve the problem at all.

    Concretely a large party of my mostly usual 1080p movies saved as MKV Files stutters that much that its not able to watch it at all, only because of this bug, I mean if there wasnt also another bug.

    The other bug relatesa to absolutely ever video file play through mezzmo on the tv, after every about 3-5 minutes the screensaver turns on while playback continues and you can still hear audio stream.

    Solutions that I allready tried without success, exactly without any change on the problem at all:
    -using cabled connection to connect the device to the network
    -looking for firmware update using devices feature therefore
    -Trying followin device profiles: Grundig Fine Arts, Loewe connect (was choosen by default after addin device to mezzmo), Generic device (NTSC)/(PAL)

    Thats all information that seemed important to me and I can give you hoping be usefull for giving me some good advices and solutions.

    Thanks in advance,

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    For the videos that stutter please check the bitrate of the video to see if it is very high as this could cause stuttering. Also check to see if Mezzmo is transcoding the file on the fly in the Transcoding pane in Mezzmo on your PC.

    For the screensaver issue Mezzmo has no control over this so it is likely a problem with the firmware. Is there a setting to disable the screensaver?

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    Stuttering shouldnt be caused by the bitrate as it appears randomly on different video files, even at SD resolution, while some 4k videos play only with screensaver problem, transcoding is turned off completly.

    I contacted Grundig support with my problem, after having given them all information the were asking for now am waiting for their response, hopefully with some solution for the problems.

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