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    I've been playing with Mezzmo some more, and it is still by far the best solution for sharing media to my DNLA TV and BluRay. And I've tried all the others, all of which were either not reliable, not user friendly, or just didn't do what they were suppose to.

    I'm sure I will end up purchasing Mezzmo, but would like to see some features implemented or at least know if they are possible:

    1. Make the library browser more "Windows-like" with a back/forward button, up one directory button, etc. This would make navigating the files much easier. If you could use the same commands that Window, IE, or Firefox use, then you'd even be able to use your mouse's back/forward buttons.

    2. Allow for smart playlists based on file creation and/or modification date. The "Recently Added" smart playlist only considers when the file was added or found by Mezzmo. If I manually add 100 video files, regardless of when I download or ripped them, Mezzmo will not sort them correctly.

    3. Smart playlists that can be limited to a specific folder/subfolder in the filesystem. So that I could make a Smart Playlist of just movies that start with "X" rather than all video files that start with "X"

    4. Allow duplication of playlists. I created a "Rolodex" style set of playlists based on the tutorial here in the forum. I had to create each one manually, rather than being able to create the first one then duplicate and only change a couple things.

    Again great work, and if these things are integrated, even better.

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    I just came up with one more nice thing to have:

    5. Smart playlists that would allow boolean searches or comma separators. For example, I want a smart playlist to only show videos with titles that start with a number (ex 300, 21, 10000bc, etc) but I can't do that unless I can specify only titles that begin with: "1, 2, 3..." or "1 or 2 or 3 or 4..." Because I can only select "match any" or "match all" for all the search parameters. Hope that makes sense.

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    Thank you for the great suggestions! Some of those are actually already planned for future versions, so it's good to hear that there's interest in them (for example 2, 3 and 5 are all planned features).

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