As some of my devices of the past weren't able to play/recognize .srt INSIDE the .mkv container I decided to go over my 5.000+ movie files and extract all .srt because I found out ALL
devices I had that time DID SUPPORT the external files.. However, only 1 .srt at a time so you couldn't select between languages. Fine for me, I just have mezzmo server to handle that.


Now I got this sony and it's the opposite, it only supports the .srt INSIDE the container and doesn't recognize the .srt outside as this is not "DLNA standard - which is a very old standard but very robust and thus still the standard, sadly it's not being upgraded to handle subtitles"

So sure, you can ask mezzmo to "transcode on the fly" but that's a total overkill!!

I don't need to transcode the video, why would I do that if the .264 standard I'm using is 100% accepted by every single device I have or any of my friends/relatives have.

Never seen a device not supporting it.

All it would take really, is for Mezzmo for specific devices that only support the .srt inside the container to actually stream the .mkv file as if the .srt were inside that file

I know loading a .mkv doesn't take long, few seconds on my drives..

on the slower drives a 4GB would take up to 30seconds on my system. But even on yet slower systems it could be done in a 2 minute timeframe.

now WRITING THAT TO THE DISK, that might take some time, even on my M2 drives writing is always MUCH slower..

mkvtoolnix takes 3-4 minutes to do it, including the writing to disk.

But here is the thing, why would you do that?

If it's for the sake of streaming, no need to write it to the disk actually.

Just load the .mkv into the memory, load the .srt into the memory.. in the memory you put the .mkv + .srt together and you stream directly to the receiving device that needs
the .srt inside the .mkv

that way, all devices that need the .srt inside the container can play all the videos with the subtitles without transcoding or going over all my files AGAIN to put
.srt back inside the container..

basically to have everything covered you'd need all the .srt twice: inside and outside the container..

But it HAS TO BE possible for Mezzmo to actually tweak around the mkvtoolnix sources and instead of writing the data to a file you
just expose it to the .mkv stream to the device

I tweaked some opensource around the mkvtoolnix myself to add/substract/strip/merge .srt files BATCH processing so I know this is possible as the software I rewrote for
my own needs actually DOES put all the data inside the memory of the computer as a stream and then in the end after the processing (which takes a matter of seconds for a full movie)
the actual write to disk happens (that's what really takes time) but here you never write to disk, but expose the .mkv stream to the device.

Any chance you could add this support so all devices that CAN handle .srt inside the .mkv actually find the .srt inside?