My AMD 8350 is getting a little long in tooth and I was thinking of upgrading to a new Ryzen setup with a 3600 or better. That would mean CPU, Motherboard, Memory and an OS reinstallation which seemed a little expensive and troublesome so I am also considering just upgrading the GPU (currently GT730). I was leaning toward an nVidia GTX1650 since it supports NVENC HEVC encoding and decoding.... or maybe a GTX1660 for the HEVC B Frame Support.

I am basing my choices off of nVidia's Video Encode and Decode GPU Support Matrix:

Unfortunately, I don't know much about the inner workings of FFMPEG decode/encode so I am looking for clarification. Maybe HEVC B Frame support is a non-issue...... ?

Also, my impression is that VP9 encoding would still be limited by the CPU so remote streaming would be a problem, correct? Currently, I am only getting about 9fps (1080p) with my AMD 8350 so it limits how much I stream out of home.

Any suggestions or tips would be helpful.