I recently did several upgrades to my computer and network, including a new wifi router and PC hardware. I reinstalled Mezzmo on Win 10 and copied the old database to a new C: drive. Everything appears normal in Mezzmo but it's not showing up as a server on the TV's Roku Streaming media app. My files are on a Western Digital NAS that has its own DLNA server. The Mezzmo library looks correctly populated and I can play the files from the Mezzmo app on my PC. Roku on the TV is picking up the WD NAS and plays the files fine. Mezzmo connected OK previously to the TV, but now the Roku on the TV but does not see Mezzmo. I've cleaned out the Media Devices that Mezzmo had cached, removing all the references to the previous wireless network (all the old devices had 192.168.0.x addresses but the new router uses 192.168.1.x). The IP address of the Roku media server is correct. Mezzmo has its own IP address that's correctly formatted.

Can you help in getting Mezzmo reestablished on my TV as a media server? I've been a licensed Mezzmo users for many users and would prefer to stream with Mezzmo than the inferior WD DLNA device. Thanks.