Ive got a video file that mezzmo has decided is invalid. No idea why it plays just fine in VLC.
I suspect the original verison of the file was, now that I have replaced it with a good version, because its got the same filename mezzmo doesnt understand the fille has changed (despite me refreshing the folder many times)
If I rename to something else mezzmo tells me the file is invalid and to see the log. As it stands this error is as much use as none.. WHERES THE LOG.
Now ive no doubt someone will tell me on here - but why not say this in the error !?

(Sorry this is a bit of a rant I know - but cmon.. just say "please check the log file located at <path>")

Also - is there a way of stopping mezzmo from doing the current sheduled maintence task - doesnt seem to be a way of cancel - and it seems to take it HOURS