I love Mezzmo, and have for years, but lately I've reverted to watching flicks from a USB drive rather than Mezzmo for just this one reason:

With the USB drive, when I want to move to a forward point in a movie -- say, the 45-minute mark -- I push the center button on my remote and something like "chapters" appear above the progress bar. I can click up, then right three times (to the 3rd chapter), and voilá, I'm at 45 minutes.

With Mezzmo, those chapters never appear -- so, to get to the 45-minute mark is super time-consuming and error-prone.

I did read this thread --> http://forum.conceiva.com/showthread...ve+point+video

...that maybe addresses this issue? I'm not sure. But if yes, please tell me how I can get those little chapter boxes in Mezzmo.

My TV is a Samsung NU8000.