I currently use various devices, including 2x Roku Soundbridge, with TVersity. I am evaluar=ting Mezzmo as a potential TVersity replacement. I see that soundbridge support is new in the latest version (which I am using)?

Compared to TVersity, the Mezzmo Soundbriodge support seems to be (badly) broken. The only access function that behaves even slightly correctly from the soundbridge is 'Browse/Browse Server Containers' which gives alist of all Mezzmo libraries and playlist (unfortunately including video and photo folders and playlists which the device of course does not support). As long as one only accesses music playlists, files etc. within here then these play okay.

All other soundbridge access functions (Browse/Artists, Browse/Genres, Search/anything, Playlists etc.) just returns a seemingly random (but identical) list of tracks.

Are these known issues? Any plans to fix them?