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Thread: Mezzmo.exe 50% cpu usage?

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    Default Mezzmo.exe 50% cpu usage?


    I don't know when this problem has started.. probably from version or when my external usb drive broke. Mezzmo.exe is hogging half of more of my tiny resources. CPU usage around 50 % from mezzmo.exe. My computer is P4 2.8 GHz. But I don't remember before mezzmo.exe hogging my cpu resources...

    Only clue I have is the message in status: System Task Getting video thumbnails xxx files remaining. And it seems that it hasn't changed for a long time the xxx files remaining text.

    Few things to what might have caused this:
    - my external usb drive isn't plugged in and its trying to get them even thought they are not around anymore
    - version caused this? (not remembering this kind of problem before but it might be because the usb drive?)

    few things I have tried: is tagging the remove media files that are not longer in here from maintain library. and removed everything concerning browsing and thumbnails

    Whats the use of this Video thumbnails? Just for Mezzmos file browser thing? Can't I just disable it? Mezzmo is working otherwise ok from my TV.. just my computer is working overtime all the time?

    Thing I haven't tried yet is:
    - reinstalling mezzmo
    - cleaning my computer fan from dust
    - possible to get version?

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    The video thumbnails are displayed in Mezzmo and on your DLNA device when you browse playlists and folders.

    The fact that Mezzmo is consuming 50% CPU is not right, and suggest there is a problem. Please exit Mezzmo using File/Exit menu item and then turn on logging (see this thread: Now start Mezzmo again and let it run for a few minutes until it reaches 50% CPU usage again. Exit Mezzmo and zip up all the log files and send them to us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com.

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    Default Mezzmo.exe 50% cpu usage?

    Check the Transcoder CPU Priority setting. It should be "normal". If it's "high" or "very high". Then CPU usage increases maybe to maximum.
    My Intel I5-750 was at 95% CPU usage while Transcoder CPU Priority was set to "very high".

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